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California Digital Library
by Schriever, J. B. (James Boniface), b. 1868; American School of Art and Photography
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--v.1. Elementary photography.--v.2. Negative developing and after-manipulation.--v.3. General exterior photography composition.--v.4. Photographic printing, pt. I.--v.5. Photographic printing, pt. II. Copying, enlarging, lantern slides.--v.6. At-home portraiture, flashlight, interiors, lenses.--v.7. Studio portraiture, pt. I.--v.8. Studio portraiture, pt. II. Studio system.--v.9. Commercial, press, scientific photography.--v.10. Negative retouching, etching and modeling. Encyclopedic index....
Topic: Photography
New York Public Library
by Marton, A. M. (Albert Martin)
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Also on film in: *ZM 155 Reel 121, no. 1313
Topic: Photography -- Printing processes Carbon
Illustrations include 12 mounted photographs (ports.)
Topics: Portrait photography, Photography
Ryerson University
by Tissandier, Gaston, 1843-1899
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Originally published: London : Sampson, Low, Marston, Low & Searle, 1876
Topics: Photography, Photography
First published in 1856 as The ambrotype manual
Topics: Photography, Ambrotype, Photography